The Physical Recovery Coach is a private studio in Dorset offering 1 to 1 sessions for whole body wellbeing. Every aspect of physical, psychological and physiological welfare is attended to in a safe, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Your Physical Recovery Coach is available for neck, shoulder, back and hip rehab sessions, Menopause Management programmes, Obesity and Diabetes programmes, postural assessments and alignment, nutrition advice, massage therapy, return to work management, GP Referrals and tailored exercise plans.

Full assessments and consultations are undertaken to establish a full understanding of your needs and to tailor a programme specifically to the individual. The tailored programme will be in full agreement and understanding of the client and the Physical Recovery Coach.

Programmes run for 12 weeks initially but can be fully adapted and tailored for the optimal outcome. There are also options for rehab sessions that can be taken as needed and run per week dependant on progress and outcome. Take a look at our menu of programmes then reach out and get in touch.

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